Step Up to the Microphone

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30. The Culture War

May 14, 2021

In this episode we tackle the culture war of good vs evil, stolen symbolism, language, and gender issues.  It's time we strategize and take back the culture and put God and the Bible back at the helm of our society, if we don't  then this country is over as we know it.  We have to bring Jesus to the forefront of this culture war as our General and King. Raise your voice up and quit fearing what people will say, instead fear the liberties that will be taken away by saying nothing.  If you enjoy it hit that like and subscribe button!!!


We are in a culture war in the United States, one that we as conservative Christians are losing because we’ve allowed Christ to be taken out of our culture.  This war is on three levels; symbolism, language, and sexuality and right now we’re being skunked because we are too afraid of being called mean names, being canceled, or possibly losing our jobs due to speaking truth and life into these issues.  We must remember Jesus is THE WAY as Christ Jesus famously said in John 14:6, as well as the truth and the light.  The only way to win this culture war is first repent and second is to build your foundation by reading the LIVING WORD of God, and lastly put your armor on to prepare for war.  Now that you’re ready for war we must tackle these three forms of division pitting our culture against each other and when I say tackle them I mean crush their heads without looking back.  


First we attack symbolism and to do this we must understand what the Bible says and what Gods promises are so lets start with Israel, not the country just the people.  Do you notice that the people in Israel don’t call themselves Israelites, they label themselves Israeli's and that’s because they aren’t the chosen elect of YHVH anymore therefore they cannot be called Israelites due to Jesus Christ dying for our sins and upgrading the covenant between man and God.  The true Israelites and the ones with the faith of a mustard seed in our messiah Jesus Christ, not a bloodline from generations and generations of old, even though we will see these bloodlines arise in these last days to fulfill prophecies.  Biblical Israel are the believers in Christ, Israel means the one who wrestles with YHVH (God) and we’ve wrestled with God and have great faith because of it.  


The next symbol we go after is the rainbow, God’s perfect sign to promise us He’d never flood the entire earth for our iniquities again.  This symbol right here has been abducted by the devil itself in the form of sodomy which just isn’t a sin but as the Bible states an abomination.  YHVH didn’t make Adam and Steve or Amanda and Eve, He made Adam and Eve.  Man and woman, or ancient Hebrew would be ish and ishah, , man and wife.  Now we have a fully sodomite navy flight crew and they are being praised, I know this is old news but still it must be brought up because they were so proud of it they held up the rainbow flag for a picture opportunity.  Then we have everyone that’s woke attacking the true church because it teaches against sexual impurity, yes I’m guilty of sexual impurity in my past but by the grace of God I was made a new creature or man in His site, my old life is gone and I live a new life in and through Him.  Back to sodomy though, the devil uses it daily to throw it in our face that he thinks he’s winning and we let him do it.  We don’t stand up battle ready to combat it, instead we cower and say it’s alright to be a sodomite instead of rebuking it in love and it’s easy to rebuke if you look at the science behind what happens to the body both mentally and physically by being in that type of relationship.  Seriously DuckDuckGo the effects mentally and physically of sodomy, look at suicide rates, std transfers, HIV and Aids numbers, rectal cancer; just look at the true evidence behind it.  No one that truly follows Christ wants you to suffer these things, lets get real, we care deeply about these people but at the same time we must take back the rainbow from them and give it’s true purpose back to our wonderful and gracious creator.  We must take the symbolism back from the dark and bring it back to the light.  


This symbol right here of the rainbow also ties into the entire sexuality debacle being taught in the “mainstream” as well.  At one point in time in our history a man was a man and wasn’t told he could be woman, a dog, or whatever other crazy thing people crave to be now days.  We didn’t have trans-humanism pushed like it is today, we have dudes getting fake breast but keeping the twigs and berries down below then getting upset when you call them a dude.  We have married couples saying it’s perfectly ok to break the covenant they made with each other and cheat on each other and have orgies and do other nasty things, much like Sodom and Gomorrah back in Biblical times.  If you’ve ready the Bible and actually seen the archaeological information from Sodom and Gomorrah then how in the blue blazes do you want to keep doing these things and destroying not only your body but your soul?  Also, why would you push these things at 3 year olds on youtube kids or Netflix, this is completely uncalled for and disturbing.  Quit sexualizing our kids and then continuing pushing it on us as adults.  Read the historical accounts of Sodom and Gomorrah and see what God did to them, grow a conscience and read the Bible, it will help tremendously.


We also have to understand doublespeak, people use nice words to trick you into evil and corrupt things.  For instance the word free in our society, you must understand nothing is free or will ever be free so quit thinking that and now.  Someone lost their God given time and hard earned money through taxation for you to sit at home on unemployment and not look for a job or sit on welfare and play xbox all day or watch tv all day.  Someone worked hard for that money and you’ve allowed a corrupt, evil, self centered government to steal that money from them so you can be lazy.  Free in the United States means you’re living off of someone’s fruits that are not your own in 99% of cases.  Another word they love to use in doublespeak, sustainability.  They make you think it’s about making like substantial while their definition means for you to do without while they prosper.  Think about their “substantial” farming plan in agenda 21 and 2030 none of it has to do with farming as much as it does with controlling our food sources.  It’s doublespeak and their version is basically a form of murder of the human race and the human soul.  These truly are the days of Noah all over again and we are acting like all of this is normal.  None of this is normal, it’s an embarrassment and disgrace to God how we are acting and we deserve the punishment we’re receiving at this time.  We’ve become lovers of ourselves and haters of others and have allowed the good things of God to be twisted by that slippery old serpent into perverse evil things.  We are in a culture war and it’s time we brought our general back and that general is the one and only savior of the universe, Jesus Christ.